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General physical preparation exercise

Posted by: PFB

Q. What do you think of farmers walk with dumbbells as a form of GPP? Perhaps walking uphill or on stairs?

A. I think they are outstanding. GPP (General Physical Preparation) is becoming a "buzz term" thanks to the increasing popularity of Louie Simmons and Dave Tate. Experts such as Mel Siff have been extolling the benefits for quite some time but since he doesn't write for any of the "grocery store crap magazines" most people aren't familiar with it. Basically, GPP is a term used to describe total body conditioning. Exercises such as the farmer's walk (i.e., holding a heavy object in each hand and walking for a prescribed distance) and sled dragging are excellent ways to increase GPP. Your heart will really be pumpin' if you haven't tried these before. I recommend you perform them at the end of your workout or on "off" days in order to help with recovery. Initially, I would recommend you use level ground and focus on increasing your load whenever possible. Save the uphill and stair climbs for a few months.

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