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Best inner chest mass builder

Posted by: PFB

Q. I'm having a difficult time brining up the mass of my inner chest. My workout consists of 4 sets of flat bench press of 8-10 reps followed by 4 sets of either peck deck or cable type flyes 8-12 reps. Am I working with the proper sets/reps and are there any other exercises may spark some growth on my inner cleavage?

A. Unfortunately, the "inner pecs" you are referring to are genetic issues. Some lifters will naturally build up more inner pec with training, whereas others are limited. But all hope is not lost. Ditch the pec deck and flys and concentrate on ultra wide grip (outside of rings) bench presses lowered to the upper chest/lower neck area. I like the rest/pause scheme for your hypertrophy goals. Choose a load you can lift for 8-10 repetitions and do not lock out your elbows on any rep, once you reach fatigue (one full rep short of failure) lockout and rest 6-8 seconds, perform 2 more reps, lockout rest 6-8 seconds, 2 more reps, etc until you achieve 20 repetitions. Repeat after 5 days of rest.

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