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Are behind the neck pull ups bad?

Posted by: PFB

Q. I've been using the guidelines mentioned years ago on your website on pullups, and have great results. Behind-the-neck pullups were not mentioned; is this because it is felt to be an ineffective exercise? Also, I would like to do weighted sternum pull-ups. Can you please tell me what the best technique for attaching the weight in order to ensure that the back muscles are doing the maximum work?

A. Behind the neck pull-ups are a fine exercise if you have above average shoulder flexibility. Most pople don't and should do the in front. As for adding weight, the best method is a dip belt. In other words, a letter strap that goes around your lower back with short chains in the front that allows you to put plates through. Holding a dumbbell between your feet like some trainer's recommend can be a little tricky.

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