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How to workout to get an hourglass body?

Posted by: PFB

Q. I am a 23 year old female and want to workout, but I don't want to build big muscles and want the classic hourglass body. I have been told to use light weights and use isolation exercises will this work for me?

A. Often women seeking an hour-glass figure focus on isolation movements and lighter weightloads, but by switching to an alternate approach that is centered on power movements the body can indeed be formed into an hourglass shape.

Power-style movements are quite effective because they burn a ton of calories and transform the body quickly, melting fat and making muscle. An tweaked power approach can yield surprising results. And the training isn't complicated - just a brief blast of power action and you are good.

Hourglass Figure Workout Plan

The workout consists of the squat, lunge, deadlift and the incline bench press.

Get in a dynamic warm up for the full body

Squat - warm up 2-3 sets, then perform 4-5 sets of 5-7 repetitions with a heavy weight load

Lunge - perform 2-3 sets of lunge for 8-10 repetitions

Rest 3 minutes

Deadlift - warm up of 2 sets, then perform 3 sets of 5-7 repetitions with heavy weight load

Rest 3 minutes

Incline bench press - warm up with 2 sets, then perform 3-4 sets of 5-7 repetitions

Finish up with 20 minutes on a bike - standard or recumbent.

Perform this workout twice a week. And since you are only performing the workout twice a week, that allows you some time to get in more cardio work. Perform at least a couple of long distance cardio workouts (running, biking, hiking, etc.) for 30-60 minutes.

The mix of the challenging power work and the cardio will really transform your physique into an hour-glass figure.

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