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Vince Gironda Book: Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition Review

Vince Gironda Book

Posted by: Paul Becker

Vince Gironda was a true genus and was for sure decades ahead of his time on the subject of bodybuilding training and nutrition for drug free bodybuilders. People are still taking about Vince even 20 years after his death and they will still be talking about him 50 years from now. And many of the quote unquote new ideas that trainers are coming up with are simply ideas taken from Vince Gironda was taking about back in the 1960's and 1970's.

Author Karl Coyne has recently released a huge encyclopedic book about everything Vince Gironda.

This is certainly the most complete book on Vince Gironda that has ever been or ever will be written. The amount of research he has done is absolutely incredible, he first had to have collected every book, course, article, interview, etc. and then put in all in one book so that it is all available on anyone who wants to learn Vince's methods. It must have cost him thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to complete this book.

Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition is almost 600 pages and has some of the most beautiful pictures and illustrations of Vince's Gym, Vince Gironda and the scores of top classic bodybuilding champions that Vince Gironda trained such as Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Frank Zane, Ric Drasin, Bill Grant, Gene Mozee, Dave Draper, Pete Grymkowski, Sergio Oliva, Steve Davis, Rick Wayne, Freddie Ortiz, etc.

Getting this book is like being able to download Vince Gironda's brain, giving you all the bodybuilding information from beginner to advanced levels that you will ever need.

So, if you are already a fan of Vince or have just heard of him, this book is a must have.

You can get your copy at www.VincesSecretLocker.com

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