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Once a week bodybuilding workout

Posted by: Patrick Deu Pree

A student appeared to me the other day. He is a neighbor named Savak. He had read my book and he began to ask questions about training. I knew he is an avid bicycle rider. I also thought he trained with weight, he has a lot of muscle mass. He's huge, in fact. He has Diabetes Type 1 and is insulin dependent but he keeps in good shape from riding. He also works at a bicycle repair shop. Bicycles are his passion.

He wanted to know about weight training. I asked him if he had ever trained with weights before, because he looked like he did. He said he had never touched a weight in his life.

I love it when I get a student who has no preconceived notions from improper training, IE, the usual training as put forth in various muscle magazines. I asked him if he had a few minutes and if he would like to try a sample routine out. He said he did so we went right to my garage where I have all my basic stuff, barbells, dumbbells, benches and of course, mandatory squat rack. My good old, hard core, rusty weights that I have used for years....my idea of a completely equipped gym. His eyes bulged when he saw my set up. He was greatly impressed.

My first lesson? I told him that the most important item in the gym was the squat rack. I explained the benefits of squats in creating the body's ability to create testosterone.

I proceeded to have him do two sets of the bench press, two sets of squats and two sets of the bent over rowing. It took all of ten minutes and he felt better than he had ever felt. I told him to rest a week and come back. "A week?" he asked. I explained about recuperation and that this game was really all about recuperation and maximizing growth. He said he'd be back in a week. He thanked me and that was that.

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