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Deep Breathing Benefits for Bodybuilding

Posted by: Dwayne Hines II

Americans are known for being shallow breathers compared to Europeans and others and that carries over into bodybuilding. You can benefit by breathing deeper. There are two primary ways to do so.

Valsalva Technique

One key breathing technique is to take a deep breath, then hold that breath while you exert power. By holding your breath you generate more power in your body. This is a tool that powerlifters employ to lift tremendously heavy weight loads. This is a learned technique and novices rarely employ it, but it works like a charm and helps you increase the amount of weight you lift.

Deep Breathing

Another approach to deep breathing is to specifically breath deep during and after the lifting. This technique is applied most readily to the squats, and deep breathing squats became legendary for the benefits they produced in the users. Many guys put on pounds of muscle using the deep breathing squat, teamed up with the deep breathing pullover. Some guys, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, even claim that the deep breathing pullover, performed after deep breathing squats, actually acts to expand the size of the rib cage.

For the deep breathing squat, you take a couple of breathes while the bar is across your back, then squat down and perform the lift while inhaling super deep. You do this on every rep to get maximum traction with your breathing. You then follow this up with a set of deep breathing pullovers to double down on your deep breathing action.

Author bio

Dwayne Hines II is the Editor-at-Large for OnFitness magazine and has written for a variety of national magazines, including Ironman, MuscleMag, BlackBelt and Men's Workout. He has acted as a bodybuilding contest judge, is a certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has several bodybuilding and fitness books selling in major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble.

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