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Rambo Vs Commando, Who Wins?

Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Posted by: Ryan

I NEED YOUR HELP! I was having a debate with a buddy of mine the other day and we got on the topic of action flicks.  We then started to ask each other who would win in a fight, Stallone’s Rambo or Arnold’s Commando (Matrix) characters.  Our little debate is yet to be resolved, neither of us can come to a final conclusion as to who would win.  Would they have weapons? What environment would they be in?  Any resources? Maybe they would not even fight each other and go off and take out bad guys.  If they did fight, it would be to the death since they both have a body count that is actually hard to tally.  So I am asking for some of your feedback in the Rambo vs Commando duel and who do you think would win.

Rambo VS Commando Tale Of The Tape


–> Smaller than Matrix but more agile

–> Has more stealth capabilities

–> Efficient using all weapons

–> Has a large body count

–> Based on the movies, he never loses

Commando (Matrix)

–> Powerful and Muscular

–> Not as agile

–> Brute force and minimal stealth capabilities

–> Large body count

–> More experience

–> Always wins his battles as well

Before We Begin The Rambo VS Commando Debate, Ground Rules Need To Be Established

The Rambo vs Commando debate that my buddy and I were having went all over the place because we kept adding in the what ifs.  What is Rambo kidnapped Commandos daughter instead?  What if Commando was hunting down Rambo in the woods?  We brought up so many scenarios that it was hard to keep track of after a while.  So, with that in mind here is my ground rules.  They both have a knife, since in both movies they seemed to enjoy killing people with a knife.  They are both in a vacant room with concrete walls and nothing else.  This way it comes down to skill.

Other Rambo VS Commando Which Side Do You Take?

Who do you think would win?  I will take a tally of the comments once they get rolling to see what the percentage breaks down to be for the Rambo vs Commando debate.

Re: Rambo Vs Commando, Who Wins?

Posted by: George

Commando Arnold would win, just due to his superior strength.

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