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High frequency leg training

Posted by: Old School

Gaining leg mass through increased frequency training

I am an ectomorph.

A hard gainer on the legs, but I have been able to develop them over the last year or so by focusing on increasing my training frequency. At first I was weary about overtraining, because I adore training 6 times a week and resting on the seventh, but it wasn't until I threw in leg training every other day that I noticed any meaningful gains on my thighs and calves. In fact, I've noticed overall improvement in my entire physique by adding short but well executed leg session in the evenings as a double split. Here's my current split as we speak:

Monday: Back & Biceps
Tuesday: Chest & Tri's       Evening: Quads & Calves
Wednesday: Shoulders and Traps
Thusday: Leg day (quads, hams, calves)
Friday: Back & Biceps
Saturday: Chest & Tri's    Evening: Quads & Calves.
Sunday: REST - or light cardio

On the evening sessions I will do squats, hack squats, and legs extensions 4 sets of each, followed by 4 sets of legs curls and then my normal calf routine. The weight I use is normally lighter on those sessions, focusing on mind to muscle connection and getting the full range of motion.

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