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Frank Zane 3 way split workout routine

Posted by: Old School

Frank Zane's Favorite Workout Routine - Training Split

Frank Zane was and still is considered one of Bodybuilding's true classic 'golden era' competitors. His physique in it's prime rivaled anyone that has ever competed in the sport of bodybuilding. No, he was not huge or blocky in the vain of a Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates (also amazing bodybuilders, but stylistically slightly unappealing to the masses) but he was incredibly proportionate and developed and amazing body for a man with a sleeker ectomorph-like frame.

Studying these golden era bodybuilders in interviews gives a glimpse into their outlier mentality and offers us a guide on creating training routines that we can try out and see if they work for us. Below is a quote from an interview "Mr. Symmetry" himself gave to Flex Magazine  about his favorite training split.

The one that I did the most was a three-way split. I believe this is the best split once you reach a certain point. For me it was back, biceps, and forearms on one day; legs the next; and then chest, shoulders, and triceps on the last day. The other one I used was the Arnold split, which we all did in the '70s. That was six days a week: chest and back, legs, and then deltoids/arms on the third day, repeated. It was a lot of overtraining. I couldn't keep doing it."

Day One: Back, Biceps, Forearms
Day Two: Legs
Day Three: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Day Four: Rest

This routine is amazing if you can handle the load of working three muscle groups in one day. This of course would take a lot of energy and stamina, but those are of course the hallmarks of old school bodybuilding.

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