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Training with chains for strength and mass

Posted by: PFB

Q: I'm very interested in the training technique with chains. As a personal trainer it would help to add to my knowledge. Any info would be extremely helpful.

A: Chains are a great tool for extensor muscle group exercises such as the partial bench press, powerlifting squat and partial military press. They work by matching the strength curve of the movement so you are challenged throughout the lift and not just at the bottom. Why the partial movements? Because these exercises represent a "true" ascending strength curve for most lifters. Whereas some lifters are actually stronger in the "bottom" of the lift compared to the midrange. I recommend you use chains for 3-4 weeks before cycling to another method. They are great, but demanding. Louie Simmons and Dave Tate are the two people most responsible for popularizing chains in strength training.

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