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Exer-Genie Review

Exer-Genie Exercises

Posted by: Rob


I have some info I thought you might find interesting.

I graduated HS in 1966, and during those HS years in regards to athletics, nearly every coach in America just knew that there were two things that any serious athlete should NOT do - lift weights, and never drink any water during a game or practice.

Well, in those days, a guy from Fullerton, Ca. invented and patented a device called an Exer-Genie.

Though I was only 16 years old at the time, I began selling the device. I even sold one to one of my coaches.

Over the years, I moved around, but since the device would easily fit in a shoe box, I hung on to mine, mainly for nostalgia, since I "just knew" I'd never ever use it again.

Well now I'm using it again - using it, along with bodyweight exercises to just try and maintain what I have until the gyms open again.

I always appreciate your emails - your site is thought provoking and interesting.

Take care,


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