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Bodybuilding Is For Women, Too

Posted by: Kirsti

For me, weight lifting has been a passion as long as I can remember. Although I was not seduced by the Iron until later in my adult life, I have always been lifting things. Be it chopping and stacking cordwood, carrying cinder blocks, bucking hay, throwing feed bags, shoveling dirt and manure, hauling filled five-gallon buckets of water, or hefting lumber, I was always lifting something. Evidently, this was all a tease for when I was introduced to lifting Iron. It was love at first lift.

Bodybuilding is merely a peripheral result of lifting. Bodybuilding involves the added components of physical aesthetics and dieting. The dieting is not as difficult and horrendous as many claim it to be if approached sensibly. I was the most chipper bodybuilder amongst 16 in the gym. I did the least cardio. I retained normal menstrual cycles. And I achieved what the others thought I could never do. I was at 6.5% bodyfat for the first competition, less than 6% for the second. And I had fun.

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