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Choosing protein supplements

Posted by: PFB

We've tasted and tested all of the major-label protein products on the market, and we've found some very interesting information. The most impressive information we found regards protein bars: Almost all protein bars have a number of ingredients that make them far inferior to a good powder mix. There are unhealthy ingredients that are used to give the bar candy bar-like consistency, taste, and shelf life. Also, cheaper ingredients are usually used when possible to cut production costs. These manufacturing practices seriously hinder the overall effect of the bar. The following ingredients are very common in protein bars but not in protein powder mixes:

Clearly we recommend buying a quality protein powder mix, but which one? With all of the choices it would seem that there's not much difference between the different products. Another important decision is whether to buy a simple protein powder mix, or a meal replacement powder that contains protein. After doing our research we feel that a meal replacement powder mix could benefit you much more than just a protein supplement. Besides having as much protein as a normal protein shake, meal replacement powders also have essential calories, vitamins, and minerals that all help the body increase energy during workouts and speed muscle recovery after a workout.

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