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Why can't I get a peak on my bicep?

Posted by: PFB

Q: My friend has really peaked biceps while mine are not, while we both curl the same weight. How come? What can I do to increase my peak?

A: Unfortunately, the shape of muscle is largely determined by genetics, so blame mom and dad. However, there are some things you can do. The biceps consists of two separate heads, and by smart weight training you can develop both to their limit. Don't expect to be able to solely pinpoint one of the two, but you can shift the focus a little. One exercise I have found particularly good for bringing out the peak is bicep curls with a straight barbell, where you hold the bar with a more-than-shoulder-width grip and tuck in your elbows against your sides. Experiment a little to see what works best for you. Start with slightly less weight than usual and do 12-15 reps just to feel where the burn materializes. If that's where the lactic acid burn is at, you've found an exercise that will work.

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