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How To Get Rid Of Love Handles
And Make Butt Bigger

Posted by: Jessica Short (Jewb1@aol.com)

How can I loss my love haddles and make my butt bigger.

Re: How To Get Rid Of Love Handles
And Make Butt Bigger

Posted by: Dakota P.(littlebigman7091@yahoo.com)

It's not very hard to lose your love handles, but it does require a few exercises and some dieting. My plan is as follows: Do the Atkins Diet. Only for two weeks. If you do it for two weeks, you will lose your love handles quick. Also, lie sideways on a flat bench with someone sitting on your legs. Make sure that you are out over the egde (longways) far enough. You should have your hips about 6-9 inches from the end of the bench. Bend over sideways until your head ALMOST touches the floor. Repeat. I hope this will help you you achieve your goals. Also to get a bigger butt, try leg curls.

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