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How to workout the rear deltoids

Posted by: PFB

Q: I just can't seem to hit my rear delts properly, and that is getting more and more of a problem as my side and front delts grow. What can I do?

A: Try attaching a handle to the lower pulley on a pulley machine. Then kneel on the floor with your side turned to the pulley. Grab the handle with the hand furthest away from the pulley and lean forward so that you support your upper body with your free hand against the floor. Let the handle pull your other arm so that you feel a good stretch in the rear delt. In other words, if you got your right side facing the pulley, you hold the handle in your left hand while supporting yourself with the right hand on the floor. You should be so far away from the pulley machine that you have resistance even at your most stretched. Then simply pull the handle out to the side as far you can without moving or swaying the rest of your body. The only thing moving should be your shoulder and your arm. This way you can experiment with different angles and slight variations to hit the rear delts 100%.

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