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Best slow burning carbs for bodybuilding

Posted by: William

Yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, old-fashioned oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa...are the best slow-burning carbs for bodybuilding. As I coach athletes, one of my first suggestions is to cut out refined carbohydrates such as cereal, sugar, protein bars, bread, etc. I do this not to "toughen" the athlete up or punish them, but to switch them to a carb source that not only provides more sustained energy but also allows the athlete to perform at a high level on less calories than before. In addition, these slow-burning carbs have a naturally high fiber content which enhances the nutrient consumption along the intestinal walls. This leads to a more efficient body and more muscle growth.

One of my favorite analogies on how carbs burn in the body, is to think of building a fire in a fireplace. By using just newspaper for your fire, it'll burn bright and hot, but only last for a few minutes. Soon, it cools down and burns out. On the contrary, getting the fire going and using logs as the burning source, you will enjoy a solid heat and light source for much longer, even hours! Think of the newspaper as refined grains, such as cereal and the logs as the slow-burning carbs. The choice is clear to provide your body with the best source for energy!

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