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Muscle Building Myths

Posted by: William

More Is Better

  • Weight training greater than one hour increases a natural occurring hormone call cortisol (which puts your body in a survival mode, thus reversing your muscle building effects). 

  • Muscle growth occurs when you ARE NOT working out, while the tissue is repairing itself. Therefore, if you're always in the gym working your muscles, they will not fully grow and recover.

    Strength Training Causes The Body To Bulk Up

  • Muscle tissue will not cause you to be bulky, fat causes bulkiness.

  • For women, this often is a concern. However, most women don't have the hormones (testosterone) necessary to build large amounts of muscle.

    Muscles Can Be Toned And Defined

  • It doesn't matter if you are doing high reps or low reps, you are still attempting to increase the size of muscle fibers, they will not appear different.

  • Lack of body-fat is the reason why someone will look "toned" or "defined.

    Machines Are Safer Because They Ensure Correct Form

  • They can be safe only if the machine is setup properly for weight and height. If this is not done, you are injury prone. 

  • Machines restrict the natural flow of our joints, therefore excessive use will cause future joint problems.

    Doing Lots Of Crunches Will Reduce Belly Fat

  • Spot reducing, or picking and choosing specific areas to burn fat, doesn't work. In order to burn fat, a program should be created that includes both cardio and strength-training elements along with a balanced nutrition.

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