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Will my muscles shrink if I stop working out?

Posted by: PFB

Q: I am going away for 2 months and will not be able to work out will lose muscle mass, can I prevent this,if so, how?

A: You must expose the muscles to a greater and greater workload, so they are forced to become stronger and thus become bigger! The muscle is the body's defence barrier, a bit like a sea wall at the coast, and will only be as big as needed to defend itself from everyday bombardments. If you don't subject it to greater bombardments then it the muscle won't get bigger.

If you stop training, your muscle will shrink. After all, it no longer needs to be as big. The only way to stop this from happening is to subject it to resistance. You can't keep it without exercising. If all you have is push-ups and the likes then this will have to do, but your muscles will still shrink 'cos you are not subjecting them to increased stresses.

But the good news is all all comes back quickly once you are back in the gym - it's called muscle memory!

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