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Carbs before workout protein after for muscle gain?

Posted by: PFB

Q: Hi, I want to know when to consume protein and carbohydrates. Someone told me to gain muscle I should have carbs straight before my workout and a protein supplement after my workout, is this good advice?.

A: A Protein suppliment is highly recommended. At least 1 gm per 1 lb of  lean body mass per day. You are what you eat! Muscle needs protein! Eat protein, the muscle grows! Remember, you can get fat by eating too much of anything, so each meal should comprise 20 - 30 grms protein. This is the amount the body can absorb at once. Except, just after a work-out, when the body can absorb up to 3 times more.

You can absorb more protein straight after a workout when your insulin levels are at their highest. 60 gms in this "window of opportunity" is what you need, at least. In fact this is where most would be body builders fall down, they don't take this opportunity.

Take high quality protein shakes, they are not a waste of money. Checkout Bio-Engineered Protein at https://www.trulyhuge.com/bio-engineered-protein.html

The carb thing before a workout is good if you don't want to lose fat. You need energy to do a workout. Eat carbs 1hr before, no later. Not too much or you will feel sick when you work-out.

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