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150 lbs bicep curl naturally

Posted by: Gregg


My name is Jess and I'm from Olympia, WA. I like to study online, and I enjoy secondary education. I get strong by both studying form, and inventing strategies. I arm curl 150 lbs and 130 lbs better with more reps than 150 lbs. I find my results are nice for girls outside. I do this all naturally.

Firstly, form is important; particularly, isolating muscles, keeping the muscles flexed, and diet. Isolating muscles keeps you focussed on the muscle you're flexing, while forgetting to squeeze the stomach and thorax too tightly. Keeping the muscles flexed helps weightlifters lift more weight. Keep muscles flexed during the entire movement. Diet really helps, and I'm thinking about fast digesting proteins. Fast digesting proteins both help strength and appearance. Without form and secondary education, I would be weaker and in the hospital from thorax lacerations and adrenal lacerations.

Secondly, invent strategies. In the paragraph before, I mention form, and how form helps keep me out of the hospital. I don't think I can make any new medical claims because I'm not a doctor. So, you have to invent what works for you. I'm talking about taking I breaks until my thorax feels better.

Thirdly, why do I arm curl such great weight and learn to stay out of the hospital? Answer: because of horny girls. I like to go outside and listen to horny girls that want me. They are the same girls from before, but now they are ready to party.

Fourthly, I participate in natural bodybuilding. I really like to go outside. I don't take many supplements, and the supplements I do take, I really research. My favorite OTC supplements are small doses of ecdysterone and plant sterols. I also enjoy tribulus and fenugreek.

In conclusion, I achieve real strength and added appearance with form. My max arm curl is 150 lbs, my comfortable max is 130 lbs which I arm curl regularly for 21 reps (2 sets every other day), and I'm a fan of strategy, which keeps me out of the hospital. So I arm curl 150 lbs, and really please my usual array of women (girls).

P.S. Won't it be just just crazy when I arm curl 170 lbs regularly.

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