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Mass building vs shaping exercises for bodybuilding

Posted by: PFB

Q: Are some bodybuilding exercises (i.e. tricep kickbacks) simply for shaping? I am having this debate with a training buddy who refuses to do exercises simply for shaping reasons. He will do dips, bench press, etc. to build mass but won't do some of the other exercises.

A: It's all relative - it may be shaping for your uncle but not for your cousin. Just joking! Every exercise has a function for something ... the question is for what? In athletics, the motto "train the movements" applies. So, in that respect, I would agree with your friend. However, in bodybuilding (or for shaping as you put it), the motto is "train the muscles!" There, your point is valid. For the most part, though, you should strive to train the big movements. Compound, multi-joint exercises give a bigger bang for your buck - basically, you end up knocking off more motor units in less time. However, I must reiterate that it is all relative and depends on your goals. Hope that helps.

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