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How to use resistance bands for bands for chin ups and dips

Posted by: PFB

Q: I've heard previously about using bands for chin-ups and dips. Can you explain a little more in how it works?

A: Simple - wrap the band around the pole on one end and your knee or foot on the other and voila! Band-assisted chin-ups and dips are excellent for beginners, females, and/or over weight individuals. The bands also act like an extra set of tendons/ligaments and are great for those experiencing joint problems - in addition to the added security they offer, the bottom range tends to be less stressful on the joints (particularly the shoulders) with bands. Of course, you can alter the resistance by using different bands, or make the exercise more challenging by slowing down the eccentric action and reducing the plyometric effect. Anyhow, I learned this technique from Dr. Siff a few years ago and have used it successfully ever since. You can use one band as illustrated here with pull-ups, or below are pictures using two bands with chin-ups and dips respectively.

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