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Working out with lordosis

Posted by: PFB

Q: A few years ago, I started to feel some discomfort in my lower back when I was doing day to day activities and I was diagnosed with Lordosis. I was sent to physiotherapy which I had undergone ultrasound treatment, but since it showed no improvement, they gave me some exercises. This also didn't improve things, as a matter of fact, these exercises were making my lordosis worse! I only recently starterd to work out setting my main goal to be weight loss and muscle development. I currently weigh about 15 stone about 23% body fat so obviously, I'm not the slimmest person in the world. Anyways to get to my question, I was in the gym with my new cardio/resistance plan which was written by a personal trainer. I followed the plan the best I could before I saw another instructor and told him about my lordosis. He then reviewed my workout plan and informed me to eliminate a lot of the exercises. He informed me that my lordisis was caused by long and weak muscles on my hamstring and short and tight muscles on my thighs and a weak TVA. This instructor advised me NOT to do any leg workouts because it would tighten the short and tight muscles on my thighs. I was also advised to stay away from machines like the bike and was told that I had to strenthen my abdominal muscles with out using my legs.

My questions are:

Would I be able to exercise my legs eventually?

What exercises are there to strenghten my abdominal muscles with out using my legs?

Should I stay away from the former trainer?

A: Well, Lordosis is a condition diagnosed for people who have abnormally increased foreward curvature of the lumbar spine (while lordoscoliosis is abnormal backward and lateral curvature of the spine). While there are always better exercises for any particular individual - you will have to find which exercises bother you and which ones are improving your condition. I always believe that exercise would only help and never make your condition worse. Structure a sound training plan that focuses on the areas of your priorities (lower back, abs, hamstrings, quads, upper back,etc). Follow a program and monitor your results. If every patient listened to every doctor - there would be very few people (patients) ever training! After all if you don't train - you don't risk the injury, so from liability standpoint - many times it is just easier to say - well, you should not be training - it can make your condition worse. Always listen to what your body is telling you.

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