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Partial rep squats for quads

Posted by: PFB

Q: I was wondering does anybody do partial rep squats or think they are a worthwhile exercise? When doing squats I have real difficulty in getting my legs parallell to the ground, unless I have a lot of flare out on my toes. I find my legs are very much turned out on the descent, and I seem to be doing most of the work using my lower back and glutes. Basically I'm not hitting my quads - is what I am trying to say! Because of this I usually do deadlifts as an alternative but still I am hitting legs to lesser extent. If I try to squat with legs in a narrower stance and much less flare out, I can only get halfway to parallell!

A: Partial movement = partial development. I would ALWAYS pass the parallel and go as far down as I can WITH CONTROL! Try doing front squats for change and see if you can manage to feel quads instead of glutes and lower back.

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