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Should I always train to failure?

Posted by: PFB

Q: Hi, I'm 21 and while lifting weight, I'm ALWAYS (every set) using the amount of weight that I can lift 8 to 10 times before total failure (when I can't lift it any rep more AT ALL). My question is, since I'm a complete beginer is it okay to do every set UNTIL FAILURE, or should i do it the way, that allows me to do 2 or 3 more (not going to failure). Could this decrease my progress? BTW, I'm doing 3 exercises per body part, ONCE a week and I don't use any drugs.

A: If you ask different bodybuilding champions you'll hear different answers. Bodybuilding great Bill Pearl said - WHY GO TO FAILURE? Do you want to fail in anything? No! Than why would you want to fail in training? Point taken. I always leave my body wanting more.

Now, do I go to failure? Sometimes I do, but always listen to your body and you can't go wrong. Some days you would feel like you are ready to break the World record and to do superbly intense workout - so if this is the case - go for it. Some days you would feel that "something" just doesn't feel right - than better don't push it! If I can go back in time - I remember that every (OK - almost every time) I did that - I injured myself! On those days I just think of Big Bill Pearl and tell myself: why would I want to fail today? I hope you get the point.

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