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Training inner thighs

Posted by: PFB

Q: Do many guys train their inner thighs on the sitting adductor machine? And who uses that standing machine where you see most girls trying to train their glutes or inner/outer thighs, to train their inner thighs (or hams to a certain extend when you're using it for the glutes)? (I can't remember the name of that machine). I have stick legs no matter what I do/did (I train for 15 years now) and since I started to use those exercises it "looks" like my legs are thicker. (It's all about creating illusions, I guess) Just wanted to know if I'm not too girlie if I do these exercises?

A: I do those girlie exercises and I may be a girlie man (as Arnold said), but I am proud of it. It is a great isolation exercise for that particular area and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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