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Bill Pearl vegetarian diet

Posted by: PFB

Q: I'm a very big fan of Bill Pearl and I was wondering how he was able to build his physique since he doesn't eat meat. I'm sure he must have eaten fish and eggs, but there are important nutrients in meat which you don't get from eggs and fish. Also, I would think that he didn't have the luxury of protein powders as (I'm sure the first came out in the mid 70's, I think Mike Katz was on the front of the tub). Chris Dickerson was another vegetarian, who was trained by Bill Pearl, but was this because of advice Bill Pearl Gave him?I was just wondering if you had any insight to what his diet was like and if you know of any other vegetarian Bodybuilders?

A: I know that Andreas Chaling was vegetarian as well. He is an IFBB professional from Sweden. I am familiar with the kind of diet Bill Pearl is on, he is a lacto-ovo vegetarian, he looked phenomenal and still does. He does use protein powders and without meat he consumes eggs and dairy products for their protein content.

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