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Right arm stronger than left

Posted by: Joe

I have been lifting on and off for the past year and have resently restarted lifting about two weeks ago. A problem that I have realized is that when I work my arms my right arm, which is my dominant arm, lifts more than my left. I realize how this can be normal because this is my dominant and most used arm, but how will I be able to overcome this? Every time I work my arms, I have to use more weight on my right arm then left. This is especially evident in bicep curls and I can't even attempt to get up the ten or fifteen pounds more that my right hand is capable of lifting. Also, I have heard a lot of mixed opinion about concentration bicep curls. Are they an effective bicep workout or no?

Re: Right arm stronger than left

Posted by: Chris V

Whenever I use dumbbells I always use the same weight for right and left arms. This means that I'm using the weight that's manageable for the weaker arm. Since I've been lifting for some years there's only a small difference (if any) between the strength of one arm and the other.

Re: Right arm stronger than left

Posted by: Anatomist1

Bicep curls are a vanity exercise, no matter what the variation. When, in your life, or even the most esoteric sport, do you ever use your bicep in that range of motion, isolated from the rest of your body?

The concentration bench seems to me like it was designed by someone who wanted to damage peoples elbows: if you let your elbows lock out at the bottom of your reps, you might as well have a friend whack them with a hammer. Nobody will ever care about your biceps as much as you do. Get over them.

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