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Health and fitness definitions

Posted by: Julie

Can anybody please give me definitions of health and fitness as I can't seem to find a decent one any where. I need them for an A-level coursework subject. Any offers will be gladly accepted. Thank you

Re: Health and fitness definitions

Posted by: Chris V

Health would be the state of not being sick and your ability to resist illness. For example, a healthy person does not get sick as often as someone who is not as healthy.

A definition of fitness really depends on how detailed you want to get. There is general fitness and there is specific fitness. General fitness is your ability to do everyday tasks. Someone who has a good general fitness level can do daily activities without experiencing pain or fatigue and can participate in general rigorous activities. Think of gardening, walking around amusement parks, recreational sports. Specific fitness would be more of an athletic nature and more narrow in focus. For example, I have a high level of fitness in strength training. Consequently, I am very fit to the task of lifting several hundred pounds in various manners but I would get crushed in a marathon.

That's a basic definition. If you'd like a much more in depth definition, find a book called "SuperTraining" by Mel C. Siff. That book gets really detailed about defining both general specific fitness.

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