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Will bodybuilding make my breasts smaller?

Posted by: PFB

Q: I am a busty women, which my husband likes very much. I want to start bodybuilding workouts, not to compete but to build some muscle and lose some fat so I can firm up. My husband is worried that if I start training I will lose my boobs. Will my breasts shrink if I start bodybuilding?

A: Breasts are mostly adipose tissue (fat) so just training with weights will not make them smaller, but the muscle you build will make you firmer.

Unless you diet down to a very low body fat percentage you will not lose them.

Top female bodybuilders are small breasted, unless they have implants, because they get down to very low levels on body fat when they compete and they also use steroids (male hormones).

So, unless you decide to take it to extremes like that you shouldn't have a problem.

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