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Sugars and Diet

Posted by: Shultz (warrior530@comcast.net)

I was told that if I ate an apple the sugars would be the same if I drank a can of coke. Just wondering if that is true or not. Any info would be great.

Re: Sugars and Diet

Posted by: Evan Rowley

Yeah it's true. But this is a story people tell you to make you feel justified in drinking coke. The sugar in the apple is in a different chemical state, the body has a very easy time breaking it down without overcompensating. The sugar in a coke is in such a form it drives your insulin levels crazy! The body overcompensates for the sugar and that is where the negative effects come in, not in the amount of sugar itself.

Re: Sugars and Diet

Posted by: chris light(clight@auto-trim.com)

No.. that is not true...i'm a certified fitness trainer...and the sugars from fruits,(Fructose) are low glycemic sugars...which don't boost your insulin levels as high as a can of coke...sodas are the worst thing for you to drink...an apple is definetely a better choice...

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