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Home workout without equipment

Posted by: Lisa

I can't afford to join a gym or buy big equipment, but I'd really like to do a good basic workout at home. I dont even have a TV for videos. If anyone knows a good workout that wont cost alot to start up I'd appreciate the help.

Re: Home workout without equipment

Posted by: Dina

I personnally do not like gyms. I have lost approx. 30 to 40 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years, simply by changing one major thing in my foods and doing at home workouts. I walk 2-3 times a week, and every day I do a 10 minute work-out that includes a variety of things.

1. started to do crunches at 10 a day for the first month, I am now up to 200 a day.
2. push ups 10-15 a day
3. kick boxing moves on my own

(remember that if you can commit for 21 days, it will become habit that is the hard part) Don't get down on yourself just keep trying!!!

Re: Home workout without equipment

Posted by: Jms

Here are some good "free" workouts:

Cleaning your house
Lift heavy stuff around your house (cans, full milk jugs; or take empty milk jugs and fill it with water for weights)

Re: Home workout without equipment

Posted by: Anatomist1

Right on, Jms!

I would add pullups or "body rows" which is like an upside-down pushup, where you hang from a broom-handle suspended between two tables.

Pick one pushing exercise, one pulling exercise, situps & squats or lunges. Do three sets, near to failure on the last one or two, and there's your strength workout. Doing these exercises properly requires some instruction, though.

Running is the cheapest and best single fitness activity known to humankind. If you can afford a twenty dollar book, and a couple of good pairs of running shoes a year, you're in business. I know I've recommended this book about 20 times, but it is absolutely great, and people don't seem to read the old posts: LORE OF RUNNING, by Tim Noakes, MD.

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