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Can I do cardio on rest days

Posted by: James

I was wondering if it is alright to do cardio on my rest day. My lifting routine is 3 days on and then 1 day rest. Is it alright for me to do about 30 minutes of boxing or running as cardio on this rest day or should you just rest from working out? Also, do I continue to take my supplements on this rest day?

Re: Can I do cardio on rest days

Posted by: Anatomist1

Rest on Rest Day, or you'll be sorry...

Unless you're a top-level pro bodybuilder, your lifting routine already sounds like overtraining syndrome waiting to happen. I used to be an obsessive, supplement-popping exerciser like you. You know what I got for my trouble? Bicipital tendonitis in both shoulders (combined with unemployment), illiotibial fasciitis, hamstring muscle tears, and sciatic neuritis... followed by chronic back and hip problems which initiated a quest for relief that included doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiroprators, and yogis. The good news is that my Job-like experience as God's punching bag taught me something, and I'm going to share it with you, even though I doubt you'll listen (I wouldn't have).

Find some other outlet for your energies! Fitness is great. Exercise is great. However, if your pour every smidgen of your energy and potential into it, you will become shallow and anal-retentive at best, an injured and hopeless wreck at worst. I discovered sculpting. It gave me an activity to put my energy into that didn't revolve around pushing my body to the limit at all times. Interestingly, my art grew out of my interest in the body. My work is largely anatomical in nature. Far more fulfilling endeavors than seeing every striation on your rectus abdominis are probably staring you in the face right now, if you only change your perspective. Find what you love to do, stop obsessing about your appearance, and you'll be happier and healthier for it.

Re: Can I do cardio on rest days

Posted by: J.R.

Anatomist1, sounds to me like you did EVERYTHING wrong in order to have so many injuries. Just because you screwed up is no reason to give the type of advice that you gave. I myself have never had a serious injury from training and neither have my clients and I have been working with then full time for 10 years and on the side for the last 15 years.

I have to question your response as it sounds like one that is angry in nature, not in balance. Maybe one day you can find the balance that is necessary. By the way, God does not use anyone as a punching bag. If you had a Job like experience, then you were going one on one with the devil himself but God must have thought you had what it takes to go one on one with the devil. God only lets those things happen to people He wants to refine and use for His purposes. I am wondering, did you please God or disappoint Him ? That is a question you need to ask yourself.

Have a great day.

Re: Can I do cardio on rest days

Posted by: EJ

Another Opinion

Others are entitled to their opinion...sounds like someone is bitter that they aren't able to keep it up now...

On the other hand I ENJOY working out, have been doing it very intelsely for over 40 years and never had an injury from it in my life.

I'm as limber as I was when I was 21, stronger now and even leaner, so bad experiences from this are not universal.

In addition, I do cardio often every damn day.... and it hasn't hurt me yet so if it's going to it better start soon... ;)

I should add that it is probably best to have a full day between weight workouts, and as far as supplements, except for pre workout you need to take them everyday.

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