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Will creatine stop me from losing fat

Posted by: Mike

OK, me bad, me bad. I didn't follow the instructions on the creatine container when it said load up using 6 teaspoons a day for a couple of weeks and then just maintain the creatine in your cells by 3 teaspoons a day. I just stuck with 5-6 a day thinking more is better. Now I'm building muscle ok, but I can't seem to burn these deposits of fat around my waist and chest nomatter how much cardio I do. Is my body burning the excess creatine (or whatever it is it produces) instead of body fat?

Re: Will creatine stop me from losing fat

Posted by: Anatomist1

OK. If you really, really want to lose that fat, take some of that supplement money and buy yourself a Nutrition Almanac, a food scale, a notebook, and a pencil. Weigh everything you eat, and use the Almanac to determine the exact calorie content. Report these values accurately in the notebook. Weigh yourself and take measurements of your waist, chest, arms, etc. to start, and record these values. After a couple of weeks, find your average daily calorie intake. Now reduce your daily average by 200 calories. A few weeks later, retake your weight and body measurements. Now you have hard data on whether you are gaining muscle and losing fat, and why. Not working? Cut 200 more calories per day. A pound of new muscle will require an input of around 1800 calories, losing a pound of fat will require subtracting 3500. Once you determine the daily average of what you're actually burning, don't cut your calories by more than about 7000 per week (2 pounds of fat).

I have lost around 10 pounds OF FAT in one month this way. Bet your biceps that pro bodybuilders keep these kind of records (and more). The downside is: who wants to live like this? I don't. These days, I'd rather not be so anal-retentive about my appearance. But, that's me. Keeping records like this and controlling your diet is the ONLY reliable method of having total command of your body composition. If you're not doing this, you're randomly stabbing in the dark -- which can also work... sometimes.

Last I checked (about 6 years ago), the only safe supplement that had proven bodybuilding properties was Chromium Picolinate supplements, and only if the subject was getting under 200 mcg/day without them.

Re: Will creatine stop me from losing fat

Posted by: Tony


creatine enhances the intake of water into muscles. Excess creatine, though most of it just ends up in your toilet, will cause "bloating". I suggest you quit the creatine for a while and revise your diet, as an improper diet sounds like your problem.


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