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How To Lose Flab

Posted by: alex (donejusrite@yahoo.com)

Pecks look great when worked but are flabby later. How can I lose the flab?

Re: How To Lose Flab

Posted by: Scott(swhite@personalpowertraining.net)

No such thing as spot reducing. You can't work out an area to lose fat from an area. To get super lean your diet should be all organic food. and you should be doing some form of light cardio to keep the muscle on your body, unless you want to shed more fat, because if you have fat on your chest most likely you have a little fat everywhere. So correct your eating and you will not only get bigger, be stronger, and leaner.. you will feel amazing.

Re: How To Lose Flab

Posted by: John(wildblueraven@gmail.com)

It may sound weird, but try eating 6 small meals a day starting when you get up. Good things like cottage cheese, tuna fish, yogurt, then make your 6th meal a good filling one. THe idea is to trick your metabolism into a higher gear. Read up on it if you dont get what I mean. Keep a good circuit training program going, too as well as your cardio. Keep your head up, dont quit, you'll see the results!! [Submit a follow up message]

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