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Which is better Bowflex or Total Gym?

Posted by: Jose

I recently got videos on the Bowflex and Totalgym but not the Totalgym on the infomercial. There are at least 2 high quality commercial models that seem like nice machines. Has anyone compared these machines and made a real assesment on them? Appreciate the help. Bowflex seems to be real good too!

Re: Which is better Bowflex or Total Gym?

Posted by: Manny

I have owned a bowflex for 6 months now and love the results I am getting. I began looking into home gyms cause I got tired of making trips to the gym, dealing with people on the machines, etc. I am sure you have heard the story from others. I tried, through friends, these two pieces of equipment before settling on the bowflex. The first thing in mind when I was first testing them out was the price. The total gym costs a fraction of what the bowflex costs. So at the start, I was leaning more on the total gym. They both give you the resistance to tone or build muscle. They are pretty well designed and built sturdy. You can switch from one exercise to another in a snap. Both can give the same range of motion on every exercise. Both can be stored easilly in a corner or closet. Does not require a whole lot of room to use. Do not have to dedicate a room to get your work-out room. Or park your car on the street to make room for it in the garage. Your wife or girlfriend may not mind the machine sticking out in the corner of the living room. Can be a good conversation piece when you have people over. The thing that sold me on the bowflex was the long term issue. I felt that if I achieve a certain level of fitness, the total gym would be obsolete for me. When I was trying it out, I was somewhere around the midpoint of the machine. So I was not that far off from the top most part that gives the most amount of resistance. I figured it would not be long before I get to that point. Bowflex could give up to 410lbs of resistance. Some may dispute the accuracy. But to me, my goal is to do resistance strength training. So whether it is resistance coming from a metal bar or elastics or the power rods or just simply body weight, resistance is resistance. The only way to build muscle is to apply resistance to it. The total gym is a good machine though, don't get me wrong. Not sure of what your level of fitness is. If you are just a beginner and just starting out on a fitness routine, I would suggest the total gym. Low initial cost and it will help you attain a certain level of fitness. If price is not an option and you are determined to go the long term, I would suggest the bowflex. Any routine or machine is worthless if not done properly and regularly. I have been an avid gym goer for years and prior to the bowflex, was an avid machine and free weight user. Good luck to you. Any questions, feel free to let me know.

Re: Which is better Bowflex or Total Gym?

Posted by: Ron

I have owned the Total Gym 1100 for nearly two years, and it is an excellent machine, a great value, and one of the best purchases I have ever made. The machine is sturdy, made of heavy, durable materials, and IT WILL DO WHAT IT PROMISES, assuming you stick to a regular and dedicated schedule of exercise. The two models I assume you're referring to, the 1100 and its big brother the 2400, can both be made more challenging by adding weight plates to the sliding platform, so these machines will continue to challenge you as you develop greater strength. The 2400 is their "institutional" model, the one meant for rehabilitation and exercise facilities, or high-end home gyms; the 1100 is the "home" version of the 2400, with nearly the same functionality, plus the virtue of being easily portable, due to its wheels. (The 2400 may be moved, but not easily.)

I cannot speak about the Bowflex, having never used one, but I can recommend the Total Gym 1100 as a terrific "total" home gym.

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