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Muscles not sore after workout

Posted by: Pete

If my muscles aren't sore a day after I work out, does that mean that I am not working that body part out hard enough? Are sore muscles the sign that you are getting stronger/bigger?

Re: Muscles not sore after workout

Posted by: Chanda

No, you do not have to hurt in order to know that you are working hard enough. You do what you can and push yourself as much as you can. You know what weight you can and how many reps. You should write down your workout everyday and see what is working for you and what is not. This will help you tremendously. stretch before you warm up and stretch after your workout. This is going to reduce your soreness. The point is not to hurt yourself. Your muscles will eventually get used to the workouts and the soreness will go away altogether. But if you stop your workout for a while it will be just like starting all over again. You know that you can work hard for months and lose it in weeks. Get you a good workout going and keep up with it by writing down what you do, and if you feel that you are not pushing yourself enough pump up your workout with either more weight or more reps depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Re: Muscles not sore after workout

Posted by: Bill

Not at all. Lack of sore muscles does not mean you're not getting a good workout. As long as you are working them hard and seeing results, don't worry about the lack of soreness. You may just have a resistance to it, or particularly good recovery ability. I personally enjoy the soreness though. Weird, I know : P

I cannot speak about the Bowflex, having never used one, but I can recommend the Total Gym 1100 as a terrific "total" home gym.

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