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Seated exercises can be HARMFUL to your lower back

Posted by: Stephanie

Whenever your body moves, it must move in a functional and natural way. By exercising in a seated position you significantly Decrease the ability to utilize your hip motion and therefore increasing the range of motion demand to the lumbar spine as well as putting the abdominals in a Disadvantaged position because you can shorten the origin and insertion of this muscle. Therefore BE CAREFUL OF SEATED ABDOMINAL DEVICES!!!! PICK EXERCISE TOOLS THAT ALLOW FOR FULL RANGE OF MOTION OF THE ABDOMINALS AND ALLOW THE HIPS TO MOVE !!!!!

Re: Seated exercises can be HARMFUL to your lower back

Posted by: JG

I am sorry you find this statement "incomprehensible but it is true. Why would you train your neuro-muscular system a un-natural movement. As a clinincian who treats many back pain patients- it is very rare that a person recovers from sit-up and other non-functional exercises.(Very rarely do these movements facilitate the important transversus abdominus. Asking your body to perform significant trunk roation without LETTING YOUR HIPS take some of the rotation is asking for trouble.
I agree with you that the ab-wheel can be too difficult. That is why we use the AB DOLLY PLUS in our clinic because it allows for the patient to use their forarms, shins or 2 at one time for easy but effective use. Many of my patients who suffer from disc pathology can not tolerate sit-ups, seated torso machine. Remember -you can't dance sitting on your pants. The "butt " must move in order to effectively train the abs!

: I find this warning about seating ab exercises incomprehensible. If true, it would apply to every exercise not done in a standing position, including crunches and including most ab machines in gyms. The venerable ab-wheel would be OK, but the movements in that position can hardly be called ones that are particularly easy on the body or particularly natural.

Re: Seated exercises can be HARMFUL to your lower back

Posted by: JY

If you are concerned with low back pain, then you should be training your transversus abdominis. It can be trained by "pulling your belly button toward your spine" and holding it. Doing the ab dolly correctly should involve activating the transversus abdominis to stabalize the lumbar spine. It's not neccessarily the motion that activates it, but you have to think about it to do it. You can do crunches till the cows come home and you will only train the rectus and the obliques. In my opinion it is more important to train the transversus abdominis, especially if you have low back problems.

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