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Monday to Friday diet plan

Posted by: Mike

Here is another example of a way to eat to insure your fiber, protien, carbs, minerals, vitamins, etc... in an easy to prepare and easy to stick to guide for eating whole foods properly and clean. I do my best to stick to this Monday to Friday and of course the obvious junk food on the Weekends. You will NOT like this if you are lactose intolerant, or cannot eat the same things everyday. Over the years I have made my mind up to look at food as "fuel" and not as "food". I do not count calories but I do shoot for over 3500 per day. Here goes:

Slice up the following:
2 carrots
1/3 cucumber
1 small tomatoe
1 apple
Then mix with:
2 cans of tuna
2 servings of cooked pasta
1 cup of apple sauce
canola oil
sunflower seeds
and mix well.

After breakfast (usually oatmeal and milk) I munch on the above mix all day and drink 1 gallon of skim milk from morning until night. This gives me approximately 3600 calories and a little over 1 gram of protien per lb. Add in a vitamin in the morning and walla!

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