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Bench press problems

Posted by: Roger

I am in awe of your double bodyweight bench. That has been a goal of mine for some years. In 1977 I benched 150, now on a GOOD day I can bench 250 without my shirt. Thats 100lbs in almost 25 years. That is an average of 4lbs per year.

Re: Bench press problems

Posted by: Mike

It was also a goal of mine for several years and i finally done it last year for the first time.I have hit a double body weight bench four times now.I am the kind of lifter who uses my mind to my advantage.If i know i have done it in the past i know i can do it again.I like to shake my routine up about every 5-6 weeks to keep my mind and body guessing what it can do.Try this routine for about 5to6 weeks and see if it helps your bench.I am known to be an animal when it comes to lifting so drink a pot of coffee and go for it.

This routine is based on a 1 rep max(RAW).

40% 12 reps
75% 6 reps
100% or new max pr
95%-100% 1 rep
95%-100% 1 rep
85%-90% 4 reps
65%-75% 8 reps
65%-75% to failure
Your first heavy max will feel heavy but you WILL have the strength to push the weight up.Try it and see what it does for you.Let me know the results?
Stay strong and keep lifting...........Mike

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