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What is the maximum weight someone can lift

Posted by: Howard

I was just wondering what the rest of you thought about your personal max lifts and the max that can be achieved by a human.

Re: What is the maximum weight someone can lift

Posted by: Donna

Hi Howard,

I think it is a case of "what the mind can believe, the body can achieve". I know with myself, what I "believed" when I first started lifting had to seem pretty farfetched to everyone but myself. I was a whopping 110 lbs. or so at 5'7" (think preying mantis :^)). I couldn't even bench press an empty bar (45 lbs.)! I was definitely the most physically weak person you ever saw. After training for a while, and making little if any progress I might add, I set some goals for myself. Goals of a 200 lb. bench press, 400 lb. deadlift, etc. Goals that were too ludicrous to even mention outloud but goals that I felt I could personally reach nonetheless. Keep in mind this was a long time ago, back when benching 200 was done by very few women and not something I had ever personally seen. Back when the most popular gym in my state didn't even allow women to lift there. I was quite aware when I made those goals that I didn't have a good body structure to lift for strength with, I couldn't add a hint of muscle if I tried, I tended to be a bit on the fragile side, I had non-existant strength to start with, etc. What I did know was that I'd have to be patient and try to learn as much as I could. I'd have to outwork and be smarter than those that perhaps were better suited. Those things were all within my control so in my eyes, why couldn't I lift what I wanted to lift? Anyway, after a gazillion years (patience I have :^)), I benched the 200. I had wondered whether I was going to lose my drive after I did it. It was such a major goal of mine for many, many years. It was the number that meant I had accomplished all I had set out to do. Fortunately, I found myself thinking like you said, if I can bench 200, why not 205, etc.? Lifting did take on a new perspective for me though. I've always had a tough time enjoying my accomplishments. I was so focused on my larger goal that I refused to let myself enjoy all the mini-accomplishments I made on the way to the larger goal. Now, while I still have a hard time with that, I find myself in kind of a warmer, fuzzy place where I can just see how far I can take myself. I don't have those numbers in my head that are my measure of whether I've failed or not.

I definitely believe people will be squatting over 1100 very soon. The 800+ lb. bench will also fall very, very soon as well. While I believe it may take a bit longer for the 900+ deadlift record, it'll also fall.

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