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Auxillary workouts for the deadlift and squat

Posted by: Dan

Just one question, do u know of any good auxillary workouts for the deadlift and squat...Please keep in mind that i have a very basic gym in my town, (nothing fancy!!)

Re: Auxillary workouts for the deadlift and squat

Posted by: Gary

Well, I'm going to assume that you mean aux. exercises again, not whole routines.

Some different things you might want to try:

Different stances: By making your stance narrower or wider you will change the degree to which certain muscles are hit. Just make sure that whatever stance you use, your knees track over your toes.

Box Squats: Doing a box squat forces you to be more explosive out of the bottom of your squat (you lose the stretch reflex and momentum). Some people do them to a box that is below parallel to build more power in the hips, some to parallel (I do these on my aux day to work on form and speed), and some people do them to a high box (2-3" above parallel) and use it as an overload exercise. If you don't have one, they're easy to build. I put mine together for about $30 using 2x4 and 5/8" plywood.

Pause Squats: They work kinda like box squats, except that you don't get to release any muscle tension at the bottom. The pause is between one and three seconds. Most people seem to agree that this exercise was sent from hell to destroy mankind. Must work. :)

Deadlifting off a plate or box: Basically a regular deadlift, but you stand on a box that's 1-4 inches high. This might help if you have difficulty with the beginning of a DL (getting it off the floor).

Pin Pulls: The opposite concept. Place the barbell on the safety pins in a power cage (knee level or lower). Like a hi-box squat, this will allow you to overload to stress the hams and glutes and low back. One thing people do not like about this exercise is that it will often take you out of your normal DL groove.

Good Mornings: One of my personal fav's. Place the bar on your shoulders like you would for a squat, then bend over at the waist until your torso is near parallel with the floor. Your knes will bend a little, but it shouldn't turn into some sort of funky partial squat. I've done them both arched back and flat back. Start light and practice the form until you feel comfortable with it. Works hams, glutes, and low back.

Romanian Deadlifts: Deadlift a bar (conv. stance) to the "up" position. Let the bar glide down along your legs as you push your butt back as far as you can. Somewhere around knee level, you'll feel like your hamstrings want to rip off. Pull back up to starting position. Works hams. I also get a good traps workout from these.

Straight-Leg Deadlifts: Pretty much what they sound like. Instead of assuming your normal DL start position, bend over at the waist and lift the bar. These can also be done off a plate/box for extra range.

Pull-throughs: Uses a low cable setup with a leather tricep strap. Stand facing away from the machine, bend over at the waist, reach between your legs, and grab the tricep strap. Pull your torso back to an upright position. Works hams, glutes, and low back.

Leg Curls: You need a leg curl machine for this one. Works hams.

You can also do calf work, but I've got no idea what's available in your gym.

If your normal squat stance is narrow, you may want to throw in some aux work for your quads.

Also, don't forget to work your abs, both front and obliques. Go heavy, and for sets of 6-10 reps. I use weighted decline situps, standing ab pulldowns, and kneeling cable crunches.

I hope this is helpful. Again, I am by no means an expert, and I'm sure other members of the forum will have some good ideas too.

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