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What Are The Causes Of Big Stomach

Re: Causes Of Big Stomach

Posted by: Nanataurzig

The reason for your stomach getting bigger is that you're increasing the muscles in your abdominal but not losing the fat around your waist...here's some tips: breathe in as you crunch up, breathe out as u go down. Get your heart rate pumping before hard excersises like cardio workouts, biking, jogging, jumping rope(greater than jogging and most), martial arts, etc...change your diet, fruits, veggies(greens), protein like fish, lean meats, egg whites without the yolk, and one of the greates elements of all WATER. Also don't over do it on your stomach by giving it crazy reps you dont even need. 5x10 per set of crunches , 3-4 days a week is plenty. Your muscles need time to heal in order to grow. Hopes this helps...

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