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Good old days at Joe Gold's World Gym

Posted by: Max

The old World Gym of Joe Golds or bodybuilding in the 80s was a great time to be into bodybuilding and I have not put much time into why this seems to be such a special time but the first thing that comes to mind is technology.

When my girl and I arrived in L.A. we joined Joe Gold's and it was like stepping right into a muscle mag. The transfer of info was done in person at that time but there are subtleties involved when you're taking up a bodybuilders time during his workout. You can always observe form and techniques without annoying someone and You can get a gauge for approachability by demeanor and facial expressions, for instance a guy just missed his projected goal on bench pressing and has the look of rage about him, you may want to pass asking him about the value of forced repetitions.

I always thought of the acquisition of knowledge in this setting, static in some aspects yet dynamic and evolving daily like raising a garden. You give your crop due respect water with compliments but always sincere because you can't be fake and survive in that environment the people we're talking about are close enough to physical perfection that it's not hard to find a compliment and if you're passing through someone's life being a bright spot is good for everyone's life and after months pass by these people will help you out but you have to be patient and they see you struggling to get to that next level putting in the relentless hours grinding grinding grinding 6 days a week people that were approachable approach you. So that is the biggest difference I see now in bodybuilding.

Today, they know a hologram a projected image. People have so called interpersonal communication but it's lacking the personal aspect I can communicate with someone who I have already taken the effort to know like above paragraph and I can gain something from it but getting advice on training without that background is concepts reduced to numbers on a piece of paper.

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