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Rare Mike Mentzer Body Part Workout Routines Courses For Sale

Posted by: Paul

I am selling my copies of these...

Mike Mentzer Body Part Course Booklets

In the late 1970's Mike Mentzer released four body part courses which he sold through ads in Joe Weider's Muscle Bulder/Power Magazine (which became Muscle & Fitness Magazine):

Heavy Duty Arms

Building massively muscular arms shouldn't take years. With the Heavy Duty Training System Mike shows you how to build your arms to their largest possible size with less then on half hour of total weekly training for biceps and triceps. Negative resistance, exhausting your three strength levels and beyond failure training are examined in detail. Utilizing proven high intensity methods will stimulate your arms to grow faster than ever before. Stop wasting time with those worn out methods and begin building Heavy Duty arms today.

Heavy Duty Legs

The ONLY systematic approach to leg training! Utilizing the latest mega-intensity methods, this is for the serious bodybuilder. Brief but brutal training that will take you in the outer limits of the pain barrier in minutes. Learn how Mike built the best legs in bodybuilding with the most radically different leg routine imaginable. Read how Mike brutalizes his thighs and calves with contraction control, negative accentuated training and other principles that prove farsightedly effective.

Heavy Duty Chest & Back

Hard high intensity training stimulates growth, while brief training allows such growth. Heavy Duty torso training is so brutal it must be brief! Don't waste precious hours every workout with time worn, ineffective training methods. Learn how to train further into the PAIN BARRIER with the revolutionary "pre-fatigue" method of torso training that is essential to building a complete championship torso, Something totally new that you can't afford to miss.

Heavy Duty Shoulders

Have you been wasting your time with 20 set routine that get you nowhere? Stop spinning your wheels. You won't believe it. Thick, round, striated deltoids with only 8-12 sets of should training in one week. This book will show you how to arrange your supersets so that only two sets of training will pump and brutalize your delts to undreamed of limits. Learn how with the Heavy Duty Shoulder Routine.

E-Mail Me if you are interested in buying them.

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