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X3 Bar Review

Posted by: Steve

Here is a quick review of the "Incredible" X3 Bar, that John Joquish says it's "Gods Gift" to bodybuilding/strength training! I've never been a serious bodybuilder/weightlifter, but for the training I did I got to a reasonable standard when I was young, I'm 68 now still do some cardio twice a week, weights once a week, and an exercise gadget or bands once a week, also a walk 30 mins everyday, that's enough for me, I like the thought of being "better, stronger faster", back to the X3 Bar am very sceptical about it, it's only rubber bands with a board to stand on and a short bar, can't really see how that can replace a gym with weights n weights machines? All in 10 mins a day!??

I tried it working hard for 4 weeks, no gains in size or strength! Was a bit fitter I think, doing all those reps and partials makes you puff alright! Me more so at my age (68), he says you get 3x the results of weight training, using the X3 Bar 10 mins a day! Hahhahh ?? I'm very sceptical! Luckily I made my own and bought bands for $60 , if you buy it it's more like $600 ! phew!

I knew really, but kept reading /watching the videos, seemed a different way to train, but after trying lots of things over the years, you know really by the feeling as you train, I quite like bands with handles, very cheap, I use them as a variation on Thursdays sometimes, but as to being better than weights/weight machines, nope!

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