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The day and night before a powerlifting meet

Posted by: Roger

And all through the house :)

Just kidding. I am barely a class II powerlifter but I have a lot of experience. So I thought I would share my thoughts. They may be helpful to some of you considering your first meet.

This morning I weighed 146. I like to get a little under the limit before a competition. You never know if there is going to be a variance between scales. I don't like sweating off pounds to make weight. So far everytime I have weighed in at a meet with a scale which was certified in the passed 24 hours, it has matched mine. But I have also gotten on scales that had not been certified in a while and been up to 3lbs heavier than mine says.

I took the night off of work. Personal Leave day so I get paid. I will be laying around watching tv all night. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep by midnight. Not because I need the sleep for the meet. But because I need the sleep for the drive. The amount of sleep one gets the night before a competition does not seem to affect one's performance. It is the amount of sleep one gets 2 nights before the meet which does. Most powerlifters that I have talked to rarely get a good night sleep the night before. They are too keyed up. I remember sitting up with Jason Burnell talking till 3 AM at the 1999 USAPL senior nationals. He got up at 6 and performed beautifully. I had one HECK of a time driving home from St Louis that afternoon :)

As far as eating, I am going to try to eat as much like I do when I go to work as I possibly can. Protien shake for breakfast, dinner will contain almost all the carbs I get for the day. Cottage cheese at 5PM. Milk and fish at 8PM. Will avoid a midnight snack.

In the morning I will drink my usual coffee on the way to the meet. All the rest stops that causes will aid me in making wieght :) I will wait until I am there and have weighed in before I drink my usual shake. I am going to pack a cooler so I don't eat anything at the meet that I don't normally eat. I want peak performance. It is not the time to discover I have digestional problems with something new. I will also take a gallon of water with me. Lots of water during the meet helps me keep my energy levels up. I will also take some chocolate covered espresso beans. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

The trip should take 3.5 hours. I will leave myself 4.5 hours to get there. This will allow for stops to pick up and drop off coffee, give me time to find the venue, and generally keep stress levels down.

Today I will mentally rehearse my lifts a few times. But mostly try not to think about the meet tomorrow. Getting to keyed up about it wastes energy. And breaks me down mentally so I won't be able to get a good psyche.

I will be double checking my gymbag to make sure I have everything I need. And will be loading the car with my directions to the meet (Thankyou AMY MORROW)and a few other things I don't want to forget in the morning.

Well...thats about it. I hope some of it will help those who have never been to a meet before.

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