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Joanne Sharkey obituary

Posted by: Paul

Sad news, Joanne Sharkey who took over Mike Mentzer's business after he died has also passed away in June of 2021, see obituary below. This leaves the Mike's website and book sales up in the air, timke will tell if someone takes it over or if this is the end.

I am an expert on Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training, so if you have any questions feel free to email me at info@trulyhuge.com or call me at 1-503-648-1898

Obituary for Joanne Sharkey

Joanne Sharkey, daughter of Salvatore & Angeline Napoli, passed away at Torrance Memorial Hospital on June 19, 2021. She was born February 1, 1942 in Duquesne, PA. Joanne was the youngest of 9 children and grew up in a loving Italian Catholic home.

Joanne moved from Pennsylvania to Redondo Beach, CA with her high school sweetheart Tommy Poljak, where they married in 1960 at St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church. They had their only child, a beloved daughter, Tamala in 1969. Joanne mastered single motherhood until 1977 when she married her second husband Tom Sharkey.

She and Tom were deeply admired in the community and enjoyed much success with their shipyard, Commercial Marine Services, in Terminal Island. Joanne was quite a business woman, always respected and appreciated, while managing the shipyard. After many successful years at the shipyard, Joanne took over her friend Mike Menzter's business, "Heavy Duty", whose work in the body building industry was of particular interest to her.

She was a devout Christian and a deeply empathetic and compassionate person who took care of many people in their time of need, including her mother, her first and second husband, before they each passed away.

She is survived by her daughter, Tamala Poljak, her siblings Teresa Palestra, Carmella Marko, Joe Napoli and Yolanda Marcase, and her brother in-law Bobby Poljak. She will be deeply missed by her large extended family and long time neighborhood friends and caregivers.

Re: Joanne Sharkey obituary

Posted by: Mitchell

Thank you for talking with me several times on the phone,over years, Thank You for all you did for Mike and all of us.

I Love You,

Mitchell Costilow, Mr. Mississippi 1987

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